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Explanation of bearing position and bearing chamber wear repair technology of reducer

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1. Check the wear condition of the shaft end before removing the bearing, and measure the wear condition of axial and radial direction in detail;

2. Determine axial positioning and radial auxiliary positioning according to the measurement situation, maximize the coaxiality and improve the use effect after repair;

3. Try to install the bearing, use the standard size of the inner ring of the bearing at normal temperature, and increase the positioning point to meet the requirements of bearing assembly;

4. Bake the grease on the surface of the worn parts with oxyacetylene, and polish the repaired parts to reveal the primary metal color with electric tools. Clean them with anhydrous ethanol to ensure that the surface is clean and dry;

5.After the surface of the inner ring of the bearing is cleaned with anhydrous ethanol, brush with sorrel SD7000 mold release agent;

6. Mix solay carbon nano-polymer materials in strict proportion, stirring until the color is uniform and no color difference;

7. Apply materials to the repaired parts and repeatedly scrape and press them to ensure the bonding compactness and avoid bubbles. Properly heat the bearing and assemble it in place;

8. Material curing;

9. Fix the bearing according to the assembly process requirements and position the bearing in the axial direction.